Mythical place, magical view.

Where people drink, eat, meet & greet.


Concerned about your well-being, our culinary approach is centered on five fundamental points to offer all year balanced menus and quality:

- We mainly use quality products that we personally select in as our needs to ensure freshness
- We study our menus to offer a healthy and varied cuisine,
- We seek to reduce or eliminate the use of unnecessary fat,
- We select and value the local producers and thus actively participate in reducing our environmental footprint,
- We advocate the "Back to Basic" ie a return to fundamentals. The result is that we offer a card that is developed around seasonal produce that respects Nature and your nature.

If you are sporting and / or simply pay attention to your diet, you will feel involved and you will love this approach to a new healthy and balanced cuisine but certainly not boring or without colors or flavors ...


Price / quality

A quick but effective formula that allows everyone to come and enjoy the panoramic view and to restore

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Exceptional views in a dedicated part motorsport yesterday and today. Terraces with fabulous and stunning views of the circuit.

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A place where cross racing driver and spectator Lambda. The Pit is a place accessible to all without pass or specific authorization

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